2015 International Symposium in Operational Research and Applications (ISORAP'15 2015) will be held in

Marrakech from 21-22-23 May 2015.

This conference is first in North Africa and will attended by Scientists, Engineers and Academicians both from within the Country and abroad.

ISORAP’15 2015 will be organized jointly by National Airports Authority of Morocco

and AgadirUniversity.

The conference would cover wide range of topics in the area of O.R as:

- Professional aspects of OR (OR methodology, OR education, OR implementation, OR profession).

- Methods and techniques of OR (Assignment,  Combinatorial optimization, Decision theory, Games,  Integer programming, Linear programming, Multiple criteria decision marking, Networks and graphs, Non-linear, programming, Numerical methods, Simulation, Statistics, Stochastic processes, Vector optimization, etc.).

- Areas of application (Agriculture, Banking, Ecology,  Economic systems and econometrics, Energy; Environmental protection, Finance, Inventory, Production Planning, Transport, etc.)

- Information and computing aspects of OR (Artificial Intelligence, Decision support systems, Expert systems, Information systems, OR software, etc.)

The Scientific Program will be extensive and diverse with an impressive list of academics and practitioners sharing their knowledge, experience and insights on theory, methodology and application of operational research to issues of vital concern to the global community.

Other topics those are relevant to the Operational Research related socials, economics,

and Scientifics fields are also welcome.



Professional aspects of OR

Methods and techniques of OR

Areas of application

 OR methodology  Assignment
 OR education  Combinatorial optimization
 OR implementation  Decision theory
 OR profession  Games
 Economic systems and econometrics
   Integer programming
   Linear programming
 Environmental protection

Information and computing

aspects of OR

 Multiple criteria decision marking



 Artificial Intelligence

 Networks and graphs  Inventory
 Decision support systems  Non-linear programming  Production
 Expert systems,  Numerical methods  
 Information systems  Simulation  
 OR software  Statistics  
   Stochastic processes  
   Vector optimization  
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